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In the credit product market, one of the more and more sought-after ways to resolve short-term outages or to cover extraordinary expenses. So-called. Quick loans can be arranged online from the comfort of your home without unnecessary bureaucracy and delays, so you get access to finance virtually instantly. Unlike normal banking practices, you do not need to prove your income, guarantee property, or refrain from obtaining registry statements. Compared to other micro-loans, flexible loans offer freedom to distribute installments and great savings on interest.

Today, even current short-term loans offer quick settlement and uncomplicated access to money. The main difference is the setting of installments and their maturity. When negotiating this type of banking product, you choose to pay in advance by being bound by the obligation to make a payment at a specific date. Similarly, the amount of installments is chosen. While it is possible to extend the maturity period, postpone the installment or completely re-set the regular installments, this is usually preceded by further negotiations and approval processes, which is neither comfortable nor time-consuming for consumers.

A short-term outage is best dealt with a loan based on a financial reserve

A short-term outage is best dealt with a loan based on a financial reserve

In a modern, dynamic time, it is very difficult to estimate the movement of finances with unmistakable accuracy and to have a clear picture of their use in advance. Every household should have an overview of current incomes and expenditures so that it can build on a long-term basis and have a family budget in balance. Part of the money management is also the financial reserves that are created for the Uncle of Accident to cover unexpected expenses. Despite maximum discretion and rational money management, it often happens that in the short term we get into a situation where we are unable to respond flexibly to the financial needs that we currently have. It is natural, because the days, weeks, and months do not always go the same, and consequently our financial demands are diverse.

Many people incorrectly evaluate their financial situation and start to demand classic micro loans with clearly defined repayment rules and unfavorable interest rates. However, similar situations can best be addressed by flexible loans based on financial reserves with the possibility of repeatedly drawing funds. Compared to other loans, you save up to 75% on paid interest. You do not pay any fees for handling and maintaining your account, but you always have money available for emergencies.

Zaloan Credit, a flexible loan of up to CZK 35,000

Zaloan Credit, a flexible loan of up to CZK 35,000

Zaloan Credit is an overdraft financial reserve that can be used up to CZK 35,000, even repeatedly. With this product you will always be sure that you will always get the money when you really need it, plus fast, simple, safe and confidential. You can keep the financial reserve for an unlimited period of time and keep it as easy as you can with a feeling of peace that you are secured in case of loss of employment, long-term illness or other expenses beyond the normal family budget.

Providing and managing Zaloan Credit is free of charge without any charge, paying only interest at the time you actually use the money. You also set yourself when and when you will repay the money back. You can simply apply for the Zaloan Credit financial reserve online, just fill out a web form to select the amount you want, fill in a few basic details and submit. 24/7 customer service will contact you immediately. Together, you will process the request within minutes, and you’ll have an average of 15 minutes in your account.

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